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Be Anime Beanies

Represent your favorite anime character with our custom beanies. We specialize in making your favorite Pokémon or anime character. Our beanies are designed to your specifications and will fit comfortably on your head.

Or, choose from more of your favorite anime characters!

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Don’t See Your Favorite Character?

Whether you want a single beanie or multiple beanies for a party, we can make it happen. Send us a message and we’ll provide you with the details.

Custom Order

You’re in luck. If you don’t see your favorite character, we can make it for you. Just give us the details and we will send you a message with the next steps.

Custom Order Form

For a Celebration

If you’re looking to host a memorable party and send your guests home with something they’ll treasure, we can make that happen. We can make multiple beanies for each guest at your party.

Party Order Form
Minimum 2 weeks needed to complete beanies prior to event, to accommodate shipping.
Selected Value: 10
Please list characters and quantities needed of each.